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Krit partners with startups and agencies. We help plan, build, launch, and scale successful apps.

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Get to market quickly with an app your customers love

Our average delivery time, from idea to Minimum Love-able Product, is 3 to 6 months. “Love-able” means a product your customers can’t wait to use—and actually enjoy when they get their hands on it. We lean on our extensive product management experience to ensure it.

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Build instant credibility with a stunning product

Most apps blend in; ours stand out by design. This gives you several advantages over your competition. A well-designed product helps you sell and retain customers, build credibility, and earn press and goodwill from your community. Especially when you’re small and scrappy.

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How design helped a cybersecurity app increase daily active uses by 62% 👇

“The very first mockup Austin showed me was the exact thing we went with...I was like, ‘WHOOAA, THAT’S IT!!’”

Andrew Morris
CEO of GreyNoise

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Our clients' apps are used by...

Transparent Pricing.

Product Roadmap App Design and Development Ongoing Support and Iteration

Saves thousands of $$ and months of time

We start every project with a Roadmapping Session. It’s a full-day strategy session with our team, plus over 20 hours of research on our end. When we wrap up, you’ll know what you’re building, who you’re building it for, why you’re including/excluding certain features, and how you’ll get from idea to launched app. Clients say sessions are “worth its weight in gold.”

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What you get

User interviews, a full-day session with our team, a detailed roadmap, thumbnail sketches, and technical architecture (e.g. API endpoints)



Build your Minimum Loveable Product

Over a few months, we’ll craft wireframes, run user testing, create a prototype, develop an alpha product, and execute a beta launch. We’ll meet with you at least once a week, and you can access us on Slack the entire project. You’ll also tap into all our startup knowledge—including what we’ve learned working with startups who’ve been acquired or raised millions in funding.

What you get

A Minimum Love-able Product, custom-built for your customers


$75,000 - $125,000

Maintain momentum once you're live

We often work with clients for several years as they scale. Adopt us as your agile product team, and we’ll help you collect and organize customer feedback, prioritize your backlog, design and build new features, build critical testing infrastructure, and maintain documentation. Heck, we’ll even help you vet and hire an internal technical team.

What you get

A built-in product team that supports you as you scale


From 50 hours/month

Going from idea to over $2.5 million in funding with Krit 👇

“Krit brought my vision to life, and in the end I not only consider the Krit team to be colleagues, I consider them to be my trusted friends.”

Lauren Sturdivant
Co-Founder & President of Case Status

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Select a day, pick a time, and answer a few initial questions to set up a free call with Andrew. Note: we don't sign NDAs until after our first call.

Frequently asked questions

What stack do you use?

For platform specifics, read about our approach to Android and iPhone apps.

Where is your team based?

We have a remote team, but every developer is located in the US or Canada.

How do you allocate people on projects?

We assign a small team to each project based on hours and skillsets. We make sure team members work on a limited number of projects, so you get our best focus and productivity.

What is your availability?

In most cases, we schedule your first milestone (a Roadmapping Session) one month in advance. However, you should know we keep our client list small, and we give each client our highest level of attention. For this reason, our development services book out 2-3 months in advance. We recommend you reach out sooner than later if you’re interested; it never hurts to start the conversation early.

“Our Roadmapping Session with Krit was worth its weight in gold. The detail Krit provided in the subsequent write-up gave our team a play-by-play of how to execute these strategies going forward. The knowledge we took away from our Roadmapping Session saved us from making major product mistakes.”

Spur Intelligence
Automated Security Analysis

We're not the best product team for you if...

❌ you already know it all

We work best with founders who are experts in their field and trust our expertise in ours. We listen closely to what clients say, and we expect you to do the same when we offer input.

❌ you want “just a dev shop” to churn out your idea

Sure, we’re skilled developers, but we’d be holding out on you if we only delivered code. We also bring design and product management expertise to the table, and that’s one of the reasons our client’s apps succeed. Our best partnerships are with founders and teams who need development, design, and strategic direction.

❌ you want a product you can scrap in 6 months

When we say we deliver a “Minimum Loveable Product” or an MLP, here’s what that means: the first version of your app will be something you’re damn proud to showcase. It’ll be scrappy, but not at the expense of poor customer experience...and it won't hold you back. Our code will be something you can build on (sometimes for years!) until you reach your next major milestone.

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